In Singapore, we live in a multiracial society, meaning we’re all exposed to different cultures and foods every day. Most of us are probably aware of halal foods around us, and we may even actively lookout for the signs. However, do we know what it means for the food to be halal?

What Makes Food “Halal”?

Following the halal standards means a dietary lifestyle that’s derived primarily from Islamic roots, most of which coming from the Qur’an, which is the Islamic book of faith. People who follow the Islamic faith, or Muslims, follow this standard strictly. In layman’s terms, food that’s not labelled as halal would be considered haram or forbidden food.

To start, if a food doesn’t contain any traces of pork, alcohol, carnivorous meat, birds of prey, or insects, it would be considered halal. However, except pork, meat and poultry could be permitted in the diet if they follow this rule – the animal must be alive and blessed in the name of Allah, the Islamic god, before being slaughtered.

Strictly speaking, Muslims are also not allowed to eat foods processed with haram by-products, even if the haram ingredient can help enhance the food’s flavour or lengthen its shelf life. Flavourings containing alcohol are also not allowed alongside certain artificial colourings that are derived from insects.

Can Bakeries And Pastry Shops Serve Halal Food?

The short answer? Of course, so long as the food is prepared according to Halal standards. Ingredients that are non-halal such as gelatine, shouldn’t be used during food preparation.

Hygiene may also play a factor in such eateries as they’ll need to be clean enough to meet Singapore’s strict hygiene standards and Halal standards. If you’re concerned whether the bakery has used halal methods, ask the staff, and they should be happy to tell you more.

How Can I Be Guaranteed That They Are Halal Compliant?

When a halal bakery is first established, it’s mandatory by law for it to go through a certification process. The ingredients used, baking processes and other vital aspects of a bakery are thoroughly inspected to ensure that their products are halal. If they manage to pass the certification, an Islamic-based agency will certify them as halal-certified.

Halal foods may sound typical, but little did we know that they’re subjected to rules and inspection before being labelled “Halal”. They should also be free from any ingredients that the Qur’an forbids. Nonetheless, even with such regulations, halal foods are still widely loved by all.

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