Whenever the Mid-Autumn Festival comes around in Singapore once more, you can bet that colourful lanterns and delicious mooncakes will soon appear around every corner, even a month before it actually starts! Also called the Moon Festival, this cultural tradition marks the end of the autumn harvest and takes place on the eighth month of the lunar calendar when the moon is at its brightest and fullest, which generally falls around the fifteenth day.

Significance of family reunion and mooncakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival

At the heart of this cultural festival lies the tradition of family reunion. This occasion is all about unity and togetherness as it serves as an opportunity for family members to come together, reunite, and strengthen the bond that ties us together. Amid the hustle of modern and buzzing life, the Mid-Autumn Festival we celebrate today remains an occasion to spend time with our loved ones by sharing mooncakes and gazing over the dazzling moon.

Eating mooncakes with our loved ones has now become one of the hallmark traditions of the Mid-Autumn Festival, as the round shape of the mooncakes mirrors the completeness of a full moon, which symbolises unity and harmony in Chinese culture. On the other hand, cutting the mooncake into slices and distributing them among the family members represents the concept of sharing life’s joy and challenges, thus fostering an atmosphere of understanding and solidarity. Apart from simply enjoying these mooncakes with loved ones, there is also the tradition of families making them on the very night of the Mid-Autumn Festival. However, making mooncakes at home has given way to the more modern custom of simply giving them to one’s family, but the intent of wishing to preserve familial unity remains.

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