A child’s birthday wouldn’t be complete without a cake. However, for the parents of a gluten-sensitive child, finding great alternatives to traditional birthday cakes can be quite challenging.

But challenging doesn’t mean impossible! If you have some imagination, a sense of adventure, and a willingness to try something new, then looking for the best alternative to cake for your child’s special day will not be as hard as it sounds. You have plenty of options to choose from: either bake a gluten-free cake yourself, order birthday cake online, or try some great substitutes for cakes.

To ease your decision-making, we’ve gathered a list of some of the best gluten-free treats your child can enjoy on their big day.

Gluten-free Ice Cream Parfaits

Everyone loves ice cream, especially kids. Your child will surely drool over some gluten-free ice cream placed on top of each other in parfait glasses. This dish can be made extra special by adding some nut layers. If you want to bring more nutrients to this incredible dessert, you can also put in a variety of fruits, such as strawberries and blueberries. Having such a colourful dessert on the menu will surely excite the children!

Shaved Ices

Aside from ice cream, shaved ices are a great alternative for a party dessert, especially with Singapore’s hot and humid weather. They’re a favourite among children and are the ideal birthday treat for beating the tropical heat. You can serve shaved ices in a variety of flavours, including cherry, strawberry, grape, and lemon. For more creativity, you can even make rainbow ices by sprinkling different coloured syrups on the ice. This can surely catch the eyes of your young guests and make their mouths water.

Chocolate Fountain

A chocolate fountain is the ultimate when it comes to birthday parties. It is quite popular among both children and adults. It’s a device used for serving chocolate fondue that can be paired with different kinds of dippers, such as marshmallows and fruits. To make your chocolate fountain experience more unique, you can use gluten-free cake squares as your dippers. When deciding on the type of chocolate to use for the fountain, make sure to check if your choice is gluten-free. Although chocolates are generally gluten-free, some manufacturers use gluten-filled additives.

Chocolate Mousse

If your kid loves anything and everything chocolate, they’ll surely enjoy a chocolate mousse served on decadent desserts with some sprinkles on top. This dessert has the perfect balance of sweet and savoury, giving you a fluffy texture that will melt on the tongue. Sweet mousses are typically made with whipped egg whites, whipped creams or both.

Apart from being a dessert on its own, its texture and richness makes it the perfect airy filling for any gluten-free cake. Serving a chocolate mousse cake on your kid’s birthday will surely be a showstopper!

Chocolate Covered Fruit

If the chocolate fountain or chocolate mousse doesn’t seem appealing to you, you can just purchase or make chocolate-covered fruits. Fruits covered in chocolate can also be appetising to children, and they can be a healthy alternative to a birthday cake. Pineapples and strawberries are the best dipping fruits. You can either buy ready-made treats or make them yourself.

There are indeed plenty of tasty gluten-free alternatives to birthday cakes. These alternatives are becoming increasingly popular for various reasons. From mousse cakes to chocolate-covered fruits, the list of delicious alternative desserts you can serve on your kid’s special day continues to grow. If your child is gluten-sensitive, the treats mentioned here are guaranteed to make their birthday extra special even without a traditional cake.

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