Up for some cakes this Father’s Day? These sweet delights bring the essence of love and cheerfulness and is enjoyed by everyone.

Looking for something special? Surprise your dad with a personalised photo cake this upcoming Father’s Day. Read on to know the 4 picture ideas you can add to your photo cake to celebrate this day.

1. Happy family

There’s no better gift than a happy family, so impress your dad with a photo cake of your whole family. A picture of your dad, mom, and, if applicable, siblings, embedded in your dad’s favourite cake flavour will surely make his day extra special.

While you may think it’s a shame to eat it because it looks too pretty, your family will have fun deciding where they should start eating.

2. Self-photo

Remind your dad how much you love and admire him by choosing your favourite photo of him as the main highlight of the Father’s Day cake. It could be from a holiday, a momentous occasion, or even a regular, everyday photo you think brings out his best.

Whether it’s an old photo or a new one, something meaningful and a picture that shows how happy your dad is can surely make his day, even before he takes a slice.

3. Favourite Vehicle/Pet

Other than his family, Dad also spends most of their attention on his vehicle or pets. Whether it’s his favourite car, motorcycle, or the first pet that he got you, seeing these on his cake can make him feel loved on this special day.

You can take photos of it separately, or you could carry your pet and put them in your dad’s vehicle and snap that photo.

4. Characters or moments of a favourite show

More often than not, dads and television are often associated with each other. Most of the time, our dads can probably be seen sitting on the sofa and watching their beloved show or film. Like children who loves cartoons, your dad will have a fictional franchise they are a fan of.

If your dad has that movie that he watches repeatedly or parts of a television show that he always blabbers about, now’s the best time to show him that you are listening and you’re happy to hear him talk about his favourite show. You can do this by putting the characters or the iconic scenery of the movie or film on the cake.

Alternatively, you can listen for points when he laughs the loudest during the show, screenshot the moment, and put it on the cake for reminiscent.


While cakes are commonly associated with birthdays and parties, it does not mean they are limited to these occasions. There’s always a practical reason to bake or buy a cake to enjoy, and Father’s Day is no exception.

Show your dad how much you love them this year by presenting a delicious masterpiece. Should you need a tasty cake to give your dad an unforgettable surprise, Polar Puffs & Cakes is here to help you.

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