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Do Your Cakes Sink In the Middle? Here’s How To Prevent It

Probably the most exciting moment in baking is when the timer dings to let you know that your bake is finally done! Opening the oven door to…
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5 Types Of Pastries Every Pastry Lover Ought To Know

The word ‘pastry’ conjures up various images of indulgent, buttery confectionery or savoury pies. That crumbly shortcrust on your fruit …
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Match Made In Heaven: The Perfect Tea And Dessert Pairings

A good, hot cup of tea never goes wrong with an after-meal dessert! While soft drinks are usually too sugary, tea offers a calming aromatic …
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Baking Science: The Wonderful Effects Of Milk In Baking

Milk is such a common ingredient in baking; you wouldn’t even bat an eyelid to see a recipe that includes it. But have you ever wondered …
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How Well Do You Know Your CNY Snacks? (+ Baking Tips!)

As we bid farewell to the Chinese New Year (CNY), it is without a doubt that the bakery shelves and shopping mall atriums did not disappoint…
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A Guide To Sugar Substitutes & How To Bake With Them

Seeing a new baking recipe for the first time can be shocking. And no, it’s not about how difficult or long the recipe looks. Rather, …
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The Problem Of Dry Cakes: What Could Have Gone Wrong?

Dry cakes aren’t uncommon – they are cakes that lack moisture for one reason or another. Most of the time, when a cake has dried out too…
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Baking 101: The Different Types Of Creams And Their Uses

If you’ve been baking for quite some time now, you’ll know that there’s one particular ingredient you can never go without: creams. By…
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The Popularity Of Photo Cakes: What Is So Special About Them?

Cakes are a symbol of celebration. They’re used to celebrate all kinds of special occasions, from birthdays and graduation days to …
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5 Must-Have Baking Cookbooks To Keep In Your Kitchen

It’s no secret that baking is magical – only the right ingredients interact properly to come up with those chewy cookies, mouth-watering…


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