What children look forward to most at parties are usually the gifts and games – but is it called a party if there isn’t any food? It can be a challenge to think of the most suitable food to serve at a kid’s birthday party. After all, kids are not big eaters, and they might not enjoy the same type of foods that adults do. While you would want to have some dishes which are more filling to serve the adults at the party, it’s also important to cater to the tastes of those little ones.

Finger foods and small bites are the most ideal for kids because they are easy to grab and eat without making too big of a mess. Plus, smaller portions of each means they can enjoy a wider variety of food.

If you are planning a party for kids soon, get inspired by these super-easy and yummy party bites you can get here at our online bakery in Singapore!

Mini sandwiches

A delightful tea-time staple, mini sandwiches are a savoury treat for those little tummies. At Polar Puffs & Cakes, our mini sandwiches come in assorted fillings like chicken mayo, tuna mayo, and egg mayo, layered with crisp lettuce in wholemeal bread for a balanced snack. The soft textures and crustless bread make this so easy to eat, even for the kids!

Mini croissants

This mini croissant-wich is so convenient for popping into your mouth, and children can also enjoy the flaky, buttery goodness without over-stuffing themselves. You can find them at Polar Puffs & Cakes in foolproof combinations like ham and cheese, and tuna mayo. Don’t be surprised if your child comes back for more! 

Mini sugar rolls

Entering the realm of desserts, we have our signature sugar rolls – minified and arranged into a party platter! Fluffy, sweet, and creamy, it’s a tasty treat that just hits the spot during those tea-time parties. Sweet-toothed kids will find this hard to resist in between their games when they are in need of a sugar rush. For adults, the small size also means you can probably eat a few more without feeling so guilty.

Assorted Danish pastries

Can’t get enough of flaky pastries? Be spoilt for choice when you order the assorted pastry platter, filled with sumptuous nibbles like the pandan lattice, strawberry lattice, and sultana roll. Even the most fussy eaters are likely to find a flavour they enjoy, along with the wonderful layers and golden crispy glaze of our lovingly baked pastries. 


Chocolate and cream are every kid’s ultimate indulgence, so you can expect this to be a definite crowd-pleaser! The only possible downside is that it can get a little messy – so be prepared to deal with some lips and fingers smeared with chocolate and cream. Make sure to have some serviettes nearby!


Small bites are definitely a fuss-free way to settle the menu for a kid’s birthday party. You won’t need to deal with cooking; even the utensils required are minimal. Besides, these are foods that can hardly go wrong!

Browse our party boxes for more assorted platters you can choose from for that upcoming party. For the birthday boy or girl, explore our character cake selection or customise your own for a truly unique and memorable cake! And don’t forget – you can also order the birthday cake online for delivery and have it arrive right at your doorstep on the day of the party.