At the beginning of the unprecedented boom in online shopping, customers held a great deal of scepticism and were reluctant to abandon the concept of conventional shopping. However, as technology advances in the digital age of today, it appears that online shopping has progressed significantly — more so with the pandemic that caused multiple lockdowns in the last two years.

Both online and offline shopping come with their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. But for those who are unsure of where you should be cake-shopping, read on as we discuss the perks and downsides of purchasing cakes online or in-store.

Advantages of buying cakes online

Purchasing cakes online come with a myriad of advantages, namely:

1. Includes delivery services

Most, if not all, order cakes online for delivery purposes — and for a good reason. When it comes to cakes, two elements cannot be compromised: the appeal of it as well as the taste and quality. Perhaps you have made sure that both of these conditions are met, but what happens if you end up ruining it somewhere in the process of bringing the cake you purchased from the bakery store home or to a specific venue? You might find that your time, effort, and money become wasted.

Thus, this is essentially why purchasing cakes online feels like pure delight. Not only will you have your cakes delivered promptly and intact, but you also need not worry about the probability of having to carry them yourself with the risk of destroying them.

2. Saves you a lot of time and effort

How often have you found yourself having to visit many cake shops in order to find the specific cake you were looking for? For some, it can be a good deal of your time. By purchasing cakes online, you tire yourself out less by only moving your fingers and tapping the mobile phone screen as you sit in the comfort of your home.

Instead of travelling from one place to another, you can utilise the convenience of online shopping to save valuable time and effort. Though, you might want to avoid making some mistakes when ordering cakes online, such as ordering at the last-minute and not reading the dimensions.

3. Variety of choices

Each online bakery comes equipped with a website devoted to what it offers. That said, there are undoubtedly countless cake alternatives available for special events and festivities that celebrate different relations of our life.

For this upcoming celebration of yours, consider browsing for a variety of cakes online to break up the monotony of buying the same type of cake across every joyous event! It is no surprise that online bakeries provide an endless selection of popular, mouth-watering, and unique cakes that also fit within your price range. Among other alluring possibilities are vegan cakes, designer cakes, eggless cakes, photo cakes, and more.

Advantages of buying cakes in-stores

While buying cakes online sounds tempting, purchasing cakes in-stores do come with its own set of pros that might just appeal better to some:

1. The ability to receive the cake on the same day purchased

If you need a cake at the very last-minute, then offline bakeries are your best bet. More often than not, these bakeries have ready-made cakes that you can purchase and bring home on the same day. On the other hand, online bakeries typically require you to send in your orders at least a few days in advance as they are usually made-to-order. Hence, if for whatever reason you find yourself needing a cake at the last-minute, you can simply head to a bakery or cake shop nearby to buy one.

2. Able to see cakes in real life

The simple truth is that photographs can be deceiving, especially for products being sold online. In some instances, customers may receive a cake order entirely different from the design they saw on the website. When this happens, feelings of disappointment may arise, ruining what was supposed to be a happy occasion. Thus, the ability to view the cakes in real life before purchasing them in offline bakeries is what will ultimately save customers from wasting their money.

3. Can gauge the size of the cake better

As mentioned, photographs of cakes on websites can be tricky as sometimes the cake photographed may appear smaller or bigger than its actual size. While this may not be a crucial factor for families having intimate celebrations, it is something to ponder about for those having significant and big parties, such as their 18th or 21st birthday party.

Ideally, the cake should be the centre of attention on a long table filled with other pastries and desserts. If the cake arrives smaller than expected, it will likely look awkward. Additionally, the chances are that it may not look appealing in photographs with the birthday individual. While it does not matter to some, it is still something to consider for others.


There is truly no better option when it comes to buying cakes —some might find that the advantages of purchasing online fit their lifestyle better. In contrast, others may gravitate towards buying cakes offline due to their benefits. At the end of the day, what matters most is what the customer feels is most convenient for them.

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