Singapore’s world-class multiracial cuisine would not be here today without the migrants who built the nation from the ground up. As a melting pot of many cultures and tastes, it is no surprise that the dishes brought by pioneers from long ago have evolved over the years and have now become the uniquely Singaporean staples we know and love.

Regarding these local flavours, several crowd favourites immediately come to mind, such as chilli crab, satay, Hainanese chicken rice, and more. However, there’s more to discover than just main dishes and quick bites, as Singaporeans also have a serious sweet tooth for pastries and desserts! Read on as we go over the local pastries and cakes you can find at Polar Puffs & Cakes that are sure to pique your palate.

1. Curry puffs

Curry puffs are a bite-sized treat that has become a part of Singapore’s food identity and reflects the global cultural influences from its colonial past. Legend has it that it originated during Singapore’s British colonial era and came to be when local cooks fused Southeast Asian spices with Western pies. The result? A semi-circular pastry baked or deep-fried to golden brown perfection filled with curried fillings of meat and potatoes!

Discover the exquisite harmony of flavours and textures with our signature curry puffs at Polar Puffs & Cakes. Crafted meticulously, each curry puff features a French-style pastry, painstakingly folded with 144 layers, resulting in a masterpiece with a flaky, buttery texture. Infused with the rich blend of traditionally Asian fillings like spicy curry, aromatic onions, and finely diced chicken, these curry puffs have won the hearts of many generations. Founded by the late Hinky Chan, this iconic pastry whose secret recipe has long been passed through generations encapsulates the heart and soul of our heritage that have stood the test of time.

2. Chicken rendang puffs

Rendang is a popular meat dish made with chicken or mutton stewed in coconut milk and all sorts of spices like blue ginger, chilli, shallot, turmeric, lemongrass, and many more. When cooked just right, the meat turns into tender goodness while the liquid thickens into the distinctive rendang gravy that brings a burst of flavour to the taste buds.

As an exciting blend of innovation and tradition, our version of this beloved local dish features our signature flaky puff crust with a luscious filling of well-marinated chicken complemented by our secret rempah that includes a blend of rich and aromatic spices. Embrace the joy of savouring these chicken rendang puffs as they are a fleeting delight that emerges periodically for a limited time.

3. Pandan rolls

Pandan is a mainstay in Singaporean cuisine and one of the most well-loved flavours infused in all sorts of treats, from cocktails, shakes, tarts, ice cream, and cakes. Pandan’s popularity comes from its intriguing aroma that is likened to a grassy and floral vanilla, hence why it is often called the ‘vanilla of the East’. Here at Polar Puffs & Cakes, pandan is the star in our crowd-favourite pandan rolls, whose fragrant and tantalising aroma and rich flavour are sure to have you wanting more.

4. Ondeh-ondeh rolls

If you’re a fan of pandan, you’ll love ondeh-ondeh. This traditional sweet cake renowned in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia is made with pandan-infused dough filled with palm sugar or gula melaka rolled in grated coconut before serving. This sweet treat brings a lovely local twist to our classic Sugar Rolls, giving rise to our signature Ondeh-Ondeh rolls featuring a soft pandan sponge and luscious gula melaka that brings delight with every bite.


Whether you’re looking for something sweet or need a savoury treat, Polar Puffs & Cakes is sure to have the pastries and confectioneries you need to sate your cravings. Check out our online bakery in Singapore to view our complete product catalogue, including pastries, tarts and puffs, seasonal bakes, and whole cakes, all guaranteed to reach your doorstep fresh from the oven.