5 Common Baking Mistakes Every Beginner Baker Should Avoid


Updated on 16-April-2021

If you’ve recently ventured into the world of baking, you may have realised that the process of getting a beautiful and delectable cake is not as straightforward as it seems. There are multiple instances wherein the process does not exactly go the way you’ve planned it; after all, it’s all part and parcel of the process. Let’s get down and uncover the 5 common baking problems one might encounter, so that you don’t have to!

1. Your Cake Comes Out Too Dense

When a cake is overly dense, it typically has too much sugar, too much liquid or too little leavening. If you’re hoping to get that bounce typical of every light and fluffy cake, you’ll want to ensure that you separate the wet and dry ingredients and techniques well. Make sure that dry measures are used for dry ingredients, and wet measures are used for wet ingredients. You’ll want to also check the freshness of your baking powder and soda, as they are the primary ingredient behind your cake’s rise. Make sure that you check your oven temperature as well, before you put in your cake batter. A cake that takes too long to bake often takes longer to set and thus, may fall and create a dense texture.

2. Your Cake Has Holes And Tunnels

Cakes with holes and tunnels are a cause of concern – especially if you’re planning to slice them horizontally and stake them on top of each other. Whilst you can opt to fill and cover them up with frosting, opt for the safer route and avoid them altogether! These holes are usually caused by improper mixing, so you’ll want to consider what mixing methods you’ll want to apply. For instance, you’ll want to mix much less if you’re using a hand blender for a recipe that calls for hand-mixing. To encourage proper mixing, ensure that your ingredients are as close to room temperature before adding it into the mix.

3. Your Cake Ends Up Sinking

A perfect looking cake that ends up sinking and collapsing 5 minutes after cooling is nothing short of a heartbreak. This problem usually occurs when your cake is not properly and fully baked. Try using the toothpick test to check whether your cake is properly baked or not. If the toothpick inserted in the centre comes out clean, then your cake is ready and good to go; if not, you’ll want to leave it in the oven for a few more minutes.

Another reason for sunken cakes is that you kept opening the oven door to check up on your cake and slamming it when you’re done. Doing this will cause the layers to sink in the middle, especially when the centre of the cake has yet to set. It is also important to make sure you use the right amount of ingredients as mentioned in the recipe so that the batter holds itself together and the cake has a proper structure.

4. Your Cake Is Dry

The main culprits behind your dry cakes are simply ingredients that absorb moisture. These ingredients can be anything from starches like flour, or milk solids such as cocoa. To avoid dry cakes, the first thing you’d want to do is to measure your flour properly. Avoid dipping your measuring cup into the bag and opt for pouring the flour into the cup instead, as this helps to prevent any flour to stick onto the sides of your cup. Another thing you may want to keep a lookout for is overbaking. Ensure that your cake is slightly pulled away from the side of the pan, springs back when pressed and cooked from the inside (you can use a toothpick to test this out).

5. Your Cake Is Tough And Stiff

The success of creating a delectable cake is not merely following the recipe. The art of mixing in itself is one that’s hard to master – you’ll need to find the perfect speed, duration and temperature to form the perfect air bubbles to create the perfect texture. More often than not, tough cakes are primarily caused by over-mixing or having used the wrong flour. To avoid this, you’ll want to first use the correct type of flour and mix the ingredients in order.

These following tips will hopefully help you mastering the art of baking. If you’re still not yet getting the hang of it, or simply wish to skip the cumbersome process altogether, opt for the convenience and order a cake online!

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