4 Trending Birthday Cake Design Ideas That Are Getting Popular


Updated on 26-August-2022

Cakes have been associated with several celebrations for many generations and have evolved in taste, colours, and designs! Aside from material gifts, cakes have been a symbol of love and giving, bringing any occasion a fun and festive mood with their impeccable versatility.

However, finding the perfect cake is often tricky, no matter the celebration. With the various types of cake designs out there, how do you narrow down your list and find the appropriate one?

Regarding birthday cake ideas, it’s too easy for simple imaginations to run wild! There are hundreds of themes to choose from - from favourite characters to be depicted in icing for the little ones to a minimalist cake for a simple celebrant.

Getting a distinct and memorable cake for your loved one can be easy due to the variety of personalised cakes offered by shops. Moreover, websites now allow you to order cake online in Singapore. To help make your celebration extra special, check out these 4 trending birthday cake design ideas that are getting popular!

1. Character cakes

This type of cake design is popular at children's birthday parties, where cake is always present! If you have a kid celebrating a birthday, you'd probably get requests for a specific character-themed cake.

Whether it's their favourite superhero, cartoon character, or anime, there is a perfect cake that will brighten your child's day! Polar Puffs & Cakes has a great selection of famous cartoon character cakes, such as DC Heroes, Ninja Turtles, Angry Birds, Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry, and more.

Since we have outlets in almost every part of the island, you can order birthday cake online for delivery without any hassle.

2. Rainbow-layer cake

A rainbow-layer cake can make a child's birthday or a couple's party complete and extra special! With each layer tinted with a bright and vibrant colour and layered to look like a rainbow, this type of cake doesn't just provide a fun, creative, and attractive appearance, but it's also an easy way to be the star of the next celebration.

Moreover, with a mild vanilla flavour and light and tender crumbs, it's ideal for those who do not like too much sugar in their pastries.

Whether the celebrant loves rainbows or enjoys attractive and light colours, a rainbow-layer cake is the best addition to the birthday party, especially if you are looking for something impressive to make that person feel extra special.

3. Hand-painted cakes

Hand-painted cakes are just as artistic and creative as those who painted them, where imagination is the limit. It’s simple and an easy decorative idea to personalise even the plainest of cakes. The design can vary, from pretty florals to contemporary graphics to express creativity.

In recent years, the hand paintings on the cake sit on fondant canvases, but it now extends to whipped cream and buttercream. This type of cake's fun yet elegant design is a good show-stopper at any social event. Due to the unique designs you can put on the plain cake, it’s popular even among bigger celebrations like weddings.

4. Minimalist cakes

Minimalist cakes are those that are single or two-tiered with a simple coloured frosting. Sometimes, they may have frosting around the border as well. Unlike other cake designs, minimalist cakes are understated, making them stand out.

This type of cake is minimally decorated, making it easy and calm on the eye. After all, this cake looks less cluttered as well. In addition, depending on the occasion, you can personalise the shapes, flavours, and colours.


Any event can give off a vibe or class by incorporating an element of nature into the cake. Personalised cakes have grown popular over the years, and various cake designs are appropriate for any occasion. Luckily, multiple shops offer online bakery delivery that can cater to your cake design ideas!

If you're looking for something that ideally represents your celebration, Polar Puffs & Cakes is here to give you a helping hand. We offer a wide selection of cakes and pastries that can add sweetness and perfection to your party. For more details, check out our online store, or visit one of our outlets in person.

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