Why You Should Be Particular When Choosing A Cake Shop


Updated on 07-September-2021

No matter the occasion, there’s always a time and place for cake. With a multitude of flavours to choose from, this sweet dessert is a must-have at every party. Even if there’s no real reason for a celebration, a cake is always a classic go-to if you want to end your meal on a sweet note.

However, there’s a catch; not all cakes are for everyone. There are many reasons why some people cannot consume certain flavours or ingredients, or they may simply not like the flavour. For example, your favourite black forest cake may contain gelatin or dairy that your guests can’t eat.

An inclusive party always accommodates all guests. If your guests are diverse with varying dietary requirements and preferences, the best way to be a welcoming and considerate host is to select the right cake. When ordering a cake, there are many considerations you’ll have to keep in mind, so make a comprehensive list to ensure you don’t miss anything out.

To get you started, here are some important reasons why you should be meticulous when selecting a cake for sharing, be it a big birthday bash or a simple dinner gathering at home.

1. Always Accommodate Everyone’s Preferences And Allergies

Everyone has their personal beliefs, and everybody reacts differently to different ingredients. There are so many reasons why someone may avoid a particular sort of cake; for one, they may be avoiding ingredients such as sugar and butter to shed off a few extra pounds. Some may be lactose intolerant and unable to ingest dairy products such as milk and cream, while others may be allergic to common allergens such as tree nuts and peanuts.

Ingredient substitutes are widely available if you want to streamline your options or even customise your cake. However, there are still some things you should look out for. If you’re searching for a milk substitute, be sure to check if any guests are allergic to soy or gluten that can be found in oats. Egg allergies are also relatively common among children below the age of 16, so look for an egg replacement if possible.

Everyone has their dietary restrictions and preferences, so clarify with your guests if they have any allergies or special diets to prevent an awkward situation! You wouldn’t want to accidentally hand a vegan a slice of cake made with eggs and dairy cream, so be sure to accommodate your guests or prepare an alternative option for them.

2. Be Sensitive To Religion

In the same vein, some guests avoid consuming ingredients in line with their faith. Singapore is a diverse country with a melting pot of different cultures, so it’s no surprise that your guests will probably practice different religions that have varying beliefs. Be sure to check in with them and find out what ingredients they can or can’t consume to practise cultural sensitivity.

For example, some faiths follow a lacto-vegetarian diet. They’re fine with consuming dairy products while avoiding other animal products such as eggs, poultry, fish, and meat. Some require food to be certified as halal, so check if ingredients such as gelatin and emulsifiers are halal-certified.

When you order a cake online, be sure to clarify with your baker and let them know what you'd like to avoid in your cake. Err on the safe side and purchase your cake from a halal-certified bakery, such as Polar Puffs & Cakes!

3. Select The Right Cake Size

Of course, you have to ensure that there’s enough cake to go around. It may be hard to gauge with a huge party, so think about the number of guests carefully and break them down into smaller groups to understand how much cake you’ll really need.

Cake sizes vary according to shape. Most single-sheet round cakes that are 7 inches wide can serve up to 15 portions, while their square counterparts can serve up to 24 people. Sometimes, ordering a larger portion may be safer as you can always keep your remaining cake fresh in the fridge!

Your baker will always be willing to help you to estimate the size of your cake, so speak with your bakery to get a better idea of how big your cake ought to be.

Ordering a birthday cake online in Singapore is easy and fuss-free with a few simple clicks. It’s easy to miss out on some important details as you search for the perfect cake, so don’t forget to consider these various factors when selecting a cake for the right occasion!

Whether you’re looking for a simple slice of cake for a birthday surprise or a huge, fanciful cake for a big celebratory bash, Polar Puffs & Cakes will always have something for you. As a halal-certified bakery, we understand that everyone deserves their own sweet treat, so let us help you find the perfect cake or pastry for your needs!

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