Sweet Delights: Different Cakes You Can Sink Your Teeth In


Updated on 14-January-2022

Regardless of your diet, cravings can hit you at any given minute, and some of them can be too strong for you to resist. Sometimes, you might be craving salty snacks such as fries, potato chips, or others. However, if your mouth is looking for something sweet, you can get away with a helping of moist, luscious cake.

If your sweet tooth is acting up, here are some of the cakes that are too irresistible for you not to sink your teeth in.

1. Single cold slices

Given the warm weather that we usually experience in Singapore, a single cold slice of cake is certainly something that will satisfy your cravings. After all, not only is it sweet, but it is chilled as well. While some pastries are best served warm, some are best consumed fresh out of the fridge, and single cold slices are one of them.

Generally, they come in all types of flavours, but the best ones are either chocolate or mango. If you ask us, it’s perfect for a quick sweet tooth fix because you'll most likely finish it all off in just one sitting.

2. Swiss roll

If single cold slices aren't enough, why not go for the entire thing? Single cold slices are essentially swiss rolls, except it is portioned for one person. Yes, sudden cravings can easily be satisfied. However, if you want to give in to your sweet tooth and save some cake for another day, a swiss roll is definitely going to be your best choice.

Whether it's in chocolate flavour, pandan, strawberry, or even all of them, you'll indeed be satisfied with this roll of confectionery perfection.

3. Cake squares

Sometimes, cravings can hit you at the most inconvenient of times. Perhaps you're at work or in class, and the next thing you know, your mouth is watering at the thought of cakes. When you're on the go, cake squares are going to be the perfect choice because you can easily pack this inside your lunch box.

Coming in with a variety of flavours such as honey, castella cheese, coffee chocolate, and even apple cinnamon, you'll be spoiled for choice as to which flavour you'll go with. The best part is, you don't have to worry about emptying your pocket so that you can satisfy your cravings because cake squares are priced humbly.

4. Character cakes

If you are a person who likes to throw in a little bit of fun, you might be interested in character cakes. These cakes are basically similar to cake squares, but they are topped with edible prints of your favourite childhood characters – Superman, Doraemon, Hello Kitty, My Melody, and so much more.

Depending on the feed that you're curating, character cakes may be the one post that your Instagram needs. Since you get to enjoy your sweet tooth fix, it's a win-win situation with character cakes.


Sudden cravings for all things soft and sweet can be hard to resist. Luckily, these cake treats are more than capable of satisfying you with every single bite you take. If you are looking for an online pastry delivery to enjoy the confections that we have enlisted above, check out our offerings at Polar Puffs & Cakes.

Not only are our cakes the best ones that you'll find in Singapore, but we are also Halal-certified and have continuously provided guilt-free goodness for over 90 years. So if you are looking to buy pastries online, contact us today!

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