One of the biggest failures that could ever happen to a home baker is slicing a cake that you put so much effort into in front of your guests, only to realise that the inside is a heavy, soggy, and dense mess.

If you are not aware of the signs to look out for and take out your cake too early, there’s a good chance you are underbaking your cake. Fortunately, there are simple signs to watch out for to avoid this misstep.

If baking a cake from scratch is one of a baker’s greatest delights, then overbaking or underbaking it will be part of the biggest frustrations.

After putting in the best effort and all the energy to prepare the ingredients and follow the right recipe, as opposed to buying from an online cake shop in Singapore, there’s nothing worse than witnessing that the outsides of the cake are still tough.

To avoid this, here are the 5 ways to know if your cake is ready to be served:

1. Testing with a toothpick or knife

A widespread method that bakers use would be testing with a toothpick or a sharp knife; this consists of a simple move of driving something sharp, such as a toothpick or the knife’s tip, into the middle of the cake.

The indicator behind this method is the moment you pull the toothpick or knife out. If it’s spotless, it indicates that the cake is entirely baked. However, if it has the batter’s crumbs and bits sticking to it, the cake centre is most likely underbaked.

While this method is very easy to perform, it’s not always accurate. It’s better to combine with other methods for a more solid confirmation.

2. Check the borders

If your cake is close to being completely baked, the borders of the cake may peel away from the tray. This happens because the cake’s edges will finish the baking process first.

Hence, the sides would shrink towards the centre as the rest finish their baking. During the process, it may tighten the crumbs.

If there is a small space between the cake sides and the inner side of the pan, it indicates that the cake’s exterior and centre are fully baked.

Should you notice this, do check for other indications first. Don’t rush to take it out. After all, haste makes waste.

3. A distinct fragrance is detected

This is one of the better signs to look out for – when the fragrant aroma becomes noticeable. It implies that the cake is going to be done soon.

However, no matter how good the aroma is, remember not to remove the cake unless its appearance is golden brown or the toothpick test shows an indication of it being done.

On the other hand, if you don’t notice any aromatic smell, your cake may need to stay in the oven longer.

4. Springy texture

Another way to determine if the cake is done is through its springiness. It can be done by gently applying pressure on the centre of the cake with your fingers and checking if it bounces back.

If it does, that means the cake has finished baking. However, if you find that the prints from your fingers are still there, it indicates that the cake needs to bake a little longer. It’s best to put it back in the oven and bake it for five more minutes before doing a second test.

5. Right temperature

If you are in any doubt, another way to check is to take the internal temperature with a thermometer. You need to take a thermometer and gently insert it in any area; the magic number that ensures a well-done cake ranges from 93 to 99 degrees Celcius.

If this is not the temperature you get, you should keep your cake in the oven for a little longer. While this isn’t the most reliable way due to the possibility of using alternative baking ingredients, you can combine with other methods to solidify your confirmation.


Baking a cake comes with its pros and cons, even if you do have the proper knowledge. One of the most agonising things about baking cakes is not being confident of the ideal time to remove them from the oven.

The tips above are some of the most common and effective techniques that bakers use to determine the readiness of the mouth-watering pastry.

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