Celebrations and parties aren’t complete without a decadent and creative cake to greet the celebrant. Luckily, you can now order a birthday cake online in Singapore without much hassle.

If you want to make your loved one’s cake extra unique and memorable, customising it would be a great approach. Custom-designed cakes add excitement and personality to the event, especially if it’s catered to the celebrant’s preference and character.

Below are the 3 most popular ways to customise a cake for a special celebration – time to take some notes!

1. Character Cakes

Character cakes, as their name suggests, are cakes that are designed with characters on them. It can be a cartoon character, a superhero, a game character, or anything that the celebrant fancies.

As long as it’s your loved one’s favourite, you can have it designed on their cake for a more unforgettable celebration. Character cakes are especially perfect for children who are celebrating their birthdays.

Making a character cake is easy. All you have to do is print an image of your chosen character, tape the printed design onto a baking sheet, then tape a piece of parchment paper over it. After finishing the first part of the process, you can then start outlining and filling in the design with icing using a star tip or an icing spatula.

It’s important that you leave your design overnight to freeze. The more frozen the icing design is, the easier it will be to transfer the design to the cake.

2. 3D Cakes

3D cakes are normal-shaped cakes that have three-dimensional artwork on top of them. These cakes often come in different decadent cake layers and are filled with multiple layers of frosting.

Compared to character cakes, 3D cakes are more complicated and time-consuming to make; however, their aesthetic beauty makes them ideal for various kinds of occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, and graduations!

3. Photo Cakes

Photo cakes are celebratory cakes that have photos imprinted on them. These photos are usually printed with edible ink cartridges onto sugar-based frosting sheets or wafer papers, making them edible and non-toxic.

Since making a photo cake requires special materials and equipment, it’s more practical for you to have it made by a professional baker or a cake designer. All you have to do is give your loved one’s photograph to the baker, and the baker will embellish the top of your cake with an exact copy of the photograph.

Most photo cakes are made with food colourants that are 100% safe and food-graded, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of eating them.


Custom-made cakes can indeed make a celebration more special and add a personal touch to an otherwise ordinary cake. No matter which method you choose, customising your loved one’s cake will surely add more excitement and personality to their special day!

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