Mistakes You Need To Avoid When Ordering Cakes Online


Updated on 15-July-2022

When you're planning to order from an online cake shop in Singapore, you're probably craving for it and are looking for a quick fix to appease your sweet tooth. Alternatively, you may be ordering for someone as a surprise.

Whatever your reason may be, convenience plays a huge role as to why people opt for online pastry delivery in Singapore. However, it's also because of 'convenience' that some people overlook what needs to be considered to make sure that you get the right cake, ultimately turning the 'convenience' into an 'inconvenience'.

To help you out, we have gathered some of the common mistakes people make when ordering cakes online so that you can identify and avoid them.

Ordering at the last minute

You probably would have a cake delivered because you need it at the last minute. If you can, dedicate a certain amount of time to finding the right cake shop that has a selection of cakes that fits your allotted budget. Doing so will make sure that the cake is baked by a reliable baker, doesn't contain any ingredients that you or your recipient are trying to avoid, and is the best one for you.

Apart from that, having time allows you to explore other available options – who knows, maybe the premium ones are currently on sale for a limited time.

Not reading the dimensions

When you're ordering a cake online, it probably has a picture to give you an idea of what it looks like and how big it is. However, even if you have it pictured in your head, you should still check its size so that you wouldn't order a too big or too small cake.

Also, knowing the exact size of your prospective cake allows you to estimate how many people it is suitable for, which is essential if you intend to share it with others.

Not considering the delivery time

Delivery times can differ from one shop to another. That's why if you're planning to have a cake delivered, make sure that your preferred cake shop can deliver within the time you have in mind.

Doing so will ensure that your cake is still in its freshest state when it arrives. Also, knowing how soon your cake can be delivered will help make your planned surprise party a success.

Not communicating with the cake shop

If you're planning to order cake online, see to it that you clearly communicate with the cake shop if you have any special requests, such as omitting ingredients you're allergic to or any personalisation you might want to add.

This will ensure that you can freely enjoy your cake that is worth your money.


Online cake ordering in Singapore can seem like an easy task, but mistakes can still be made. To make sure that you get the cake you're looking for, make sure that you dedicate a certain amount of time to it, you know how big or small the cake is, how soon the shop can deliver it, and that you communicate with the cake shop for any special requests.

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